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ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company
Ammonia Cracking Units Ammonia Cracking Units Ammonia Cracking Units
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Ammonia Cracking Units

We are manufacturing Hydrogen Generation Units based on cracking of Ammonia In presence of Nickel catalyst at 850 degrees centigrade. It gives a composition of:-
  • H2:75%
  • H2:25%
If required a purifier Is further added to achieve Zero traces of cracked ammonia and upto (-) 70 degrees centigrade dew point.
Applications :
  • For providing atmosphere In Hydrogen Bell
    Annealing furnance In cold rollng Industries 
  • Stainless steel wire annealing
  • Hydrogenatlon of castor oil / non edible oil '
  • Metal Powder annealing
  • Brazing application
  • Continuous galvanizing lines
  • Bimetal products annealing
  • Sintered products annealing
  • For providing reduction in bulk drug
  • Heat treatment
Salient Features :
  • Low Capital cost
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Low running cost
  • Avallable in capacities
  • Very cost effective substitute for water Electrolysis Plants in terms of power, capital cost and running cost
  • Available as electrically heated/oil or gas fired

PSA Hydrogen Plants

We design and engineer Hydrogen Gas Plants, Hydrogen Purification Systems that are generated by PSA technology and are well known for their performance, low maintenance cost, safety features and high productivity.

In this Hydrogen production plants, purification is achieved by means of pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The hydrogen purification unit consists of 4 adsorber vessels filled with an adsorbent material, basically molecular sieve. During normal operation each adsorber vessel operates in an alternating cycle of adsorption, regeneration and pressure build-up. To get high purity hydrogen gas, a H2 PSA purification unit is included for hydrogen rich gas. Most impurities in the feed gas stream are selectively adsorbed and high purity hydrogen product gas is obtainable.

  • Purities : Upto 99.99%
  • Mounting : Skid mounted
Hydrogen Plant:
Combined with an ammonia cracker, we offer complete hydrogen gas plant. Most ideal for
  • H2 Bell annealing application
  • Fuel Cell
  • For Hydrogenation in oil industry

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